About Kemer


Phaselis Beach
Both date enough to leave yourself the beauty of both natural forest to Phaselis Beach offers a combination. When you leave you will feel all the sea at your stress into large pieces.




Beydağları National Park
The natural beauty of the area as well as the presence of history, located in the scenic beaches. taken under protection in 1972 as the region was declared a protected Beydağları National Park, it stands out particularly Adrasan Beach and Cirali Beach.




Phaselis Ancient City
City water is provided by the northern aqueducts. This aqueduct, built in Roman style is still very good condition. The oldest finds in the city, dating from the 6th century Kronit water is a type of perfume bottles before Christ during the six research uncovered.




Beldibi Cave
cave 100 meters from the sea and has a spectacular view. The blue sea merges with the green of the nature of the clouds in the sky. Beldibi Cave also offers guests the ancient ruins. Down and up, including two left the cave; Each part has a size that can accommodate families.




Göynük Canyon
With a magnificent view, you can do different activities, large and small, give ear to the sound of waterfalls in a different musical sound you like to make road trips to a place where you listen to your soul?